Meet the designer

The jewellery sculptor Ruth Mary

Introducing Ruth Mary

Ruth Mary is the jewellery designer behind the brand Ruth Mary Jewellery - synonymous with pieces that combine fashion and sculpture to produce wearable art. 

A unique journey

The route into jewellery for Ruth was by no means an ordinary one. She was studying chemistry at university, when a chronic illness called narcolepsy forced her to withdraw and take time out. 

It was during this period that she decided to develop her skills as a silversmith, teaching herself every technique necessary to create the first pieces in her debut collection. The inspiration came first, and from there Ruth developed her concept, bringing her vision to fruition. 

Of course, it was a steep learning curve, and the complex processes involved were more challenging than expected. But the journey was, and remains, incredibly rewarding - a journey that resulted in... 

The Silver, Knot Lace Collection

Through numerous knots and loops, Ruth transforms this thread into so called 'lace models', which are subsequently recreated in solid sterling silver. From there, the silver pieces are crafted into necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in her studio-workshop.

The collection ranges from delicate studs - perfect for everyday wear - to bold statement necklaces. The Silver, Knot Lace collection consists of highly textural sterling silver pieces that find their origin in lace that Ruth actually crafts herself - can you imagine silver derived from humble thread?